Selective Licensing

Selective Licensing

It was announced on the 18th April 2018 that Nottingham City Council has had approval and is implementing a citywide Selective Licensing scheme, commencing on the 1st August 2018.

Nottingham City Council has said the aim of the scheme is to ‘raise the standards in the privately rented sector, and to ensure that all tenants living in them are able to enjoy a safe, comfortable and well managed home’.   

The scheme will impact over 30,000 properties across the city & will be a legal requirement for each property a landlord owns within the City catchment.

Failure to apply for a licence will result in a fine of up to £ 30,000.00

The cost for each licence will be £ 890.00 per property & can be paid in two instalments.

All applications need to be carried out on-line from 1st July 2018 & completed applications need to be submitted to the Council by 1st August 2018.  

A discount for landlords with multiple properties is not offered.

Each licence will last for 5 years and is completely non-transferable.  

You can check whether your property is covered by the proposed license scheme through the Nottingham City Council website or by using the following link:

For landlords with accreditation such as Dash or Unipol the selective licence fee is reduced.

Costs apply to be accredited whilst additional requirements made to the property may be required.

Please find the link to the accreditation scheme DASH below.

Accreditation is also not guaranteed before the 01st August 2018.  

You will not need to hold accreditation to be able to apply for a license, however Landlords who obtain accreditation will receive a discount on their license fee.

If your properties are accredited the fee payable is £480 per property.

You may be able to join Dash accreditation scheme however they are not guaranteeing the application will be processed by the 1st August 2018.

Nottingham City Council over all aim is for all accredited properties to be of a ‘Nottingham Standard’ please see below for more details.

City Lettings are confident the majority of our properties are already in line with the Nottingham Standard requirements.

If you need help with accreditation, please call City Lettings 0115 9502172 or email

Nottingham City Council have now agreed on the following requirements.

Please see a brief summary below;

1) Gas Safety Certificate dated in last year

2) A record of a visual inspection or Pat test for electrical appliance safety

3) Electrical Installation Certificate dated in the last 5 years

4) Smoke alarms / fire detection systems installed on each floor and working

5) Testing certificates recorded for Emergency Escape Lighting (if applicable)

6) Carbon monoxide detector installed in every room which contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance

7) Maintenance issues are responded to in a reasonable time with a 24-hour contact number to be given

8) The property is kept in a good state of repair and free from significant hazards that could affect the health and safety of tenants, occupiers and visitors to the property

9) The exterior of the property is maintained in a reasonable decorative order and in a good state of repair

10) The exterior of the property and boundary walls, fences and gates etc. are kept free from graffiti

11) Ensure gardens, yards and other external areas are within the boundary of the property

12) Ensure the property is secured

13) Provide window keys when required

14) If there is a burglar alarm, a code and instructions to be given

15) If previous tenants have not provided the keys back arrange for the locks to be changed

16) The main escape route (usually the front door) must be fitted with a thumb turn mortise lock, or equivalent, to five-lever security level

17) Provide written information to tenants on refuse collection day, what type of bin to use, details of the Councils bulky waste collection, ensuring that council bins have been provided

18) The tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment of the property therefore 24 hours written notice before you enter the property unless in an emergency

19) Carry out inspections every 6 months and keep written reports

20) Provide written information on how to contact the landlord regarding a complaint

21) Respond to complaints within a reasonable time

22) Provide the tenant with a copy of the licence

23) Also provide copies of the current gas, electrical safety and energy performance certificates

24) Provide a written copy of the tenancy agreement

25) References are from each tenant

26) Provide a written statement about tenants’ responsibility for not causing anti-social behaviour and that breach of the requirement may lead to eviction. in doing so all reasonable and practical steps are taken to prevent or reduce anti-social behaviour. Provide a written statement on how this will be dealt with. Also investigate anti-social behaviour when complaints are made and inform relevant authorities.

27) Suitable buildings insurance is in place which should rehouse a tenant. This should cover the costs of re-housing occupiers in the event of the need arising.

28) Carry out an inventory check before the tenant moves in. Document with photographs and have the tenant sign it

29) Provide a tenant with information on the deposit scheme used

30) Inform the council of any changes to the licence holder’s details, including: address, change of management or ownership, anything that could affect their ‘fit and proper person’ status, any proposed changes to the layout of the house

31) The licence holder must ensure they are undertaking relevant training at least once every 3 years. This could be through a us or other bodies such as DASH or EMPO or NCC

32) Ensure relevant documents are submitted to the council on request


Making Selective licensing hassle free:

City Lettings are offering free advice for both managed and non-managed properties & are currently working on a price structure for the works required that will suit all landlords.

With all of our managed properties City lettings will be applying for the licence for our clients who will be contacted in the next 2 weeks to discuss the most efficient way of moving forward.

Please contact City Lettings to discuss all options on 0115 9502172 or email us directly on


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